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Best Selected, Natural, Genuine Gemstones From Source

Gemstones for: Jewellers, Designers, Collectors (building private collections), Wholesalers, Gemstone Dealers and Anyone Who Wants To Buy For Themselves!

We Keep Our Prices Very Low, Literally Mine Direct Prices And Our Selection Is Probably The Best Available. Look At The Quality Of Our Stones And Compare The Quality With The Cut Stones Of Your Nearest Jeweller.

We believe in Only Selling The Best.

We are 4th Generation Gemstone Dealers with a wealth of Experience and Knowledge that is second to none!

We are a London, United Kingdom based, Fine Gemstone and Fine Faceting Rough Dealer that buy directly from miners at Source in East Africa and supply the Gem community and private collectors worldwide. 

We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with miners and buyers, and know all the miners we buy from personally. We pay fair prices to miners so they are happy, creating a 'win-win' situation for all. In this way, we cherry pick out the best stones for you! 

We would love for you to build your Gem collection from us, and  most importantly, enjoy trading with us! 

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