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Our Grading System On Facet Rough: We always grade to finished product i.e. Si - will cut an Si finished stone, VS - will cut a VS finished stone or eye clean stone, VS-VVS will cut a VS-VVS stone, VVS-IF will cut a VVS-IF finished stone. What other dealers grade as AA-AA+ grade ie 80-90% clean, is actually only Si!

We don't use terms like 'clean' as it is too vague or 'flawless' as a stone will ALWAYS have something in it even at x100!! We primarily buy rough from miners to cut ourselves but had a great deal of clients wanting to cut themselves, so now we offer out the rough first.

All prices are MINE DIRECT PRICES and equivalent to buying them directly from source. We select the best from miner lots and save you the time and money and effort.

We are 4th Generation Gem Dealers. We have been offering out fine facet rough out to the faceting community and gem dealers around the world for 2 decades now.

If you have any questions do feel free to ask us!  We are always available.

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