Our Prices

Our Prices:

We buy all our stones from small scale, community based miners in East Africa, where the mining benefits local communities and where the miners and employees basically consist of members of a family or members of the village community on where the mine is located. We support various women's groups and provide technical and market support as well as advice and fair prices. Surprisingly, most mines in Tanzania are owned by women as the husbands too easily spend the money that comes in. Don't think for  second that it makes easy deals, they are superb negotiators and make sure they get the highest prices for their stones, but they also carry some of the best stones and run hugely successful and sustainable businesses and go ahead to build and give back to the communities around their mine! It is a culture in Tanzania that if a producing mine is near a mine that is not in production, the producing one will assist financially or other, the one that is not in production and vice versa.

We see a lot of stones 'first hand' and are known for selecting the best stones and paying higher prices and having been buying from miners for so long, we get first hand selection at stones mined literally hours ago and get to pick out the best. We are well known for this and can take decades to achieve and maintain.

We pay fair prices to miners where it is mutually beneficial for both us and them creating a 'win win' situation and we and them are happy. 

We sell at the lowest prices we can. Our grading is based on the VVS system as we find it to be more exact, even for us to describe. When a stone is described as 'Eye Clean' it only means that no inclusions can be seen with the unaided eye in normal lighting, too vague for us, so 20 years ago we started using, to describe rough, the VVS system and started grading to finished product, meaning if we say it is VVS means it will cut a VVS stone, instead of just saying clean. 

Seeing and buying so much means we have lots of miners coming to us and offering material as well as our own buying, which ultimately means we need to sell fast and cheap. 

Our prices are low on the site, but with all the trade buyers requesting special trade prices, apart from the site pricing, we now offer out a trade discount. Get the code here.

You may also make offers with prices you are comfortable with, prices that work for you! Email: info@gemsofeastafrica.com

With so much coming in and more and more miners selling to us we ultimately need to sell fast so our main aim is to sell and are open to most quantity based, reasonable offers.

So do feel free to contact us with your offers etc..

Also, we offer a sourcing service and can source for you if you are looking for particular stones or a particular category of stones, we can contact the miner directly and give him the order to supply, making it very easy for you. 

We believe in long term business and form relationships that last a lifetime. 

We are 4th generation Gem Dealers and have been selling Gemstones Online since 2002.

Do feel free to contact us and ask any questions and form a supply relationship with us. 

This site exists for you.




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