Our Grading System On Facet Rough: 

We grade Facet Rough using the ‘VVS System’ and we were one of the first, 20 years ago, to start grading Colored Gem Rough in this way. We found this to be the most logical (and transparent) way of describing rough, rather than just saying ‘clean’. Most just use the ‘Eye Clean Method’ or ‘% Clean Method’ which is too vague. For example, Eye Clean in our view is SI-VS or lower. Putting a value on facet rough such as ‘VS’ or ‘VVS’ is more exact and we felt this system was fair to us and for our clients. Since all the stones we buy are mostly to cut ourselves, we thought, why not grade Facet Rough to finished result?


VVS-IF will cut a VVS-IF cut stone,

VS will cut a VS finished stone,

SI will cut an SI stone, and so on

We don't use terms like 'clean' as it is too vague or 'flawless' as a stone will ALWAYS have something in it even at x100!! We primarily buy rough from miners to cut ourselves but had a great deal of clients wanting to cut themselves, so now we offer out the rough first.

All prices are MINE DIRECT PRICES and equivalent to buying them directly from source. We select the best from miner lots and save you the time and money and effort.

We are 4th Generation Gem Dealers. We have been offering out fine facet rough out to the faceting community and gem dealers around the world for 2 decades now.

Our stones move fast, stocks keep on changing continuously. If there is anything you like, please take it immediately! All stones are unique, individual and good investments, as no two stones can ever be the same, so when its gone, its gone. 

Good Stones, bought at Good Prices, Natural, Genuine, are good investments as supplies from mines are dwindling and mining is becoming more expensive. We see price increases almost every month, those in the gem trade know this very well. This seems to be the trend in the last 25 years.

We try as much as possible to keep our prices rock bottom so they work as investments and for re-sale. 

If you have any questions do feel free to ask us!  We are always available.




Ethical, Fair Trade Gemstones at Mine Direct Prices.

We Have one Of The Largest Inventories Of Untreated Gemstones Online As We Buy Direct From Miners At Source, Picking Out The Best Stones And Offering Them Out For Sale Here! We Are 4th Generation Gem Dealers And Experts In Grading And Selecting The Very Best Stones And Selling At The Lowest Possible Prices For All To Buy.

To Us, Everything Is About Relationships! We Tell It How It Is (No Photoshop). Sold Items Are Removed To Make Space.

Worldwide Shipping: Registered Mail Tracked And Signed $20/Pack (default shipping), FedEx Shipping $100/Pack. Email For Details.

$100/pack is for FedEx International Priority, $135/pack for International First. Email us to book:

We will be at the Rock And Gem Show in London 09.11.2019 - 10.11.2019 with show specials, we will have a good portion of our stock with us.

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