Since the price we buy stones at from source is different, we don’t have a fixed, set discount rate that we can apply across the board on everything as our costs on different items are different, some higher and some lower, so we don’t have a blanket rate of discount that fits all. But what we do, is, we ask clients who are B2B, to list out what they want from the site and we will make them a rate, which normally is between 20-50% off depending on costs of stones and total value of the order too. But we tailor the discount to the total order value and the kind of items you want, for example, on some item we can only do 20% less and others we can go to 50%. We do make it worth your while and can adjust prices to make it work for you.
Our B2B part of the business really helps maintaining cash flow for us, as we are constantly buying in our office in Arusha and it gives you a chance to get goods and stock up at really good rates for resale.
So all you have to do is just to list out what you need on email, send it to us and we will make you a price and also let us know the name of your business too and where you are located, as well as any trade associations you are members of.



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