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Thanks a bunch for your help, it's always a pleasure doing business with you.

Everything is excellent as always! 

The cutting is so good, I have rarely had a complaint or return of your stones because of cutting (in fact, I can't remember anyone returning for that reason). One of the round Umbalites is incredibly pretty, the cutting is a different type of Portuguese round that gives it a lot of sparkle. 

I wanted to let you know that the specimens you sent to me are really BEAUTIFUL and I enjoy very much them. You have a very good ratio quality/price so, please let me know when you have new specimens in the future. 

Thankyou for your service and fast postage, very much appreciated. To be honest with the end of year postage rush I did not expect this until possibly even next year so thanks for your service. Great gem and very nice colour and should produce a very pleasant gem when completed.

Received my stones today and I’m very pleased with them! I would like to thank you for excellent service. I will definitely buy from you again in the near future. Thank you Ali! 

I picked up about a pound of Rhodolite. Nice color on it. In fact I sent out several pieces of it to some members of this forum. Most of them posted finished pictures. If you’re on his email list he will periodically send out "facet rough to clear" lists. Some good buys on there. I would/will buy from them again. 

Got the stones today. Wow, they are beautiful! Much better than pictured (especially the 6 ct Umba Malaya).

Once again they are beautiful. I have received many compliments on your stones. I ordered from someone else, and their stones do not come close to the quality your stones have. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. Cannot wait to order again. Thank you

Gems Of East Africa
R (Netherlands)

Just received my order. The stone is lovely and beautiful. Thank you very much!

Gems Of East Africa
(USA)via Gemology Forum

Ali has been very reliable for me. This is one of my sources I am always watching as he is close to the source and some of the cut material he sells is finished to a very high standard of cutting.....Ali's pricing is also pretty good....So far ruby, tanz (heated and unheated) tsav, sapphire this would sum the material I have acquired with no problems…. The biggest Tanzanites I have seen for the best prices I have seen come from ALI also. I got an email this morning with some monsters in ink blue over 20 ct gems… offers are also accepted which has proven a big bonus for myself. When good bits do turn up they don’t last long… Oh I have been buying from ALI for about 8 years maybe a bit longer.

They all exceeded expectations What I find particularly nice is the fact that, while the spinels must have been cut from fairly shallow rough, they are not in the least windowed. So even though the carat weight isn't high, the face-up size is fairly large. That will make them very sellable. 

I am delighted with the quality of the gemstones I bought. They are nicely cut as well. My wife is most impressed. The pictures on your web site match the gemstones I bought… and this is not easy to obtain. Well done Ali to you and the rest of team behind you. Thank you again and again... I am glad I found you through Google on the net! 

have done business for years and I trust you and your judgement. Respect in
business is earned, not given. And you have Earned my trust over the years
we've worked together. 

Received my stones yesterday and I love them, very happy :) thank you for your help. I will be purchasing more from your company in the future.

Just wanted to say thank you - I did receive my parcel of zircon and garnets and I am very pleased with the quality of the product. I will highly recommend you and Gems of East Africa to my cutting friends.

Hi guys. I received my parcel today, i was blown away with the garnet you sent along with my order, was not expecting that. Beautiful gems and just seperb chrome sphene thank you very much. Looking forward to buying more gems soon

Have received all your gems for which many thanks. I am delighted. Particularly, with the trillion cut sapphire and I will keep that one for myself! If you get more of that type of material, just let me know. I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Gems Of East Africa
U (Germany)

Received the Tanzanites and Mahenge Garnets today. This is the stuff I need and am sure the results will be absolutely amazing. Thanks for these high end roughs as well as for your fast service!

Your professionalism brings great honor to you and your work. Thank you for your partnership

Your site is one of maybe 8 that I have come to trust and rely on. I have been cutting for decades now and your site and product match (a rare thing on the net these days). 

Hello Ali, today I've received the Danburite. A very marvellous gemstone with just this fantastic luminous lemon yellow I was looking for! The stone is much more beautiful and brilliant than in foto. many thanks and many greetings Markus

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