Trade Discounts

Trade Discounts

All our prices on the website are at wholesale or below wholesale for the general public, you don't have to be a trade buyer to buy from us at these prices, we sell at the same prices to everyone. 

We can do this as we buy direct from miners at source in bulk and with the power of the internet we can offer it out to everyone who wants to buy at the same price a wholesale dealer would buy from us!!

We make this possible by buying directly from miners at source, who we know personally and have been doing business with for decades as well as new miners as they start their new mines.


All our stones are traceable and ethically sourced from small scale miners.

If you are buying in BULK, as in regular purchases of $10,000 or more then we do have special BULK pricing so do get in touch with us.



Shipping is $20/pack for registered tracked and signed mail, to anywhere in the world. 

FedEx shipping is $40 per pack, if you would like this option you can choose it on checkout. It normally should deliver within 48 hours to anywhere in the world but sometimes can take up to 5 days.

Do feel free to reach out to us at any time and be sure to sign up to our email lists for new material as we add them on. We always have new stones coming in across the board, there is no telling what stones we will offer out next, we just offer as it comes in.

We supply Everyone: The General Public, Jewellers, Private Gem Re-Sellers, Private Dealers, Wholesale Gem Dealers, Designers, Cutting Houses, Design Houses, Faceters, Private Gem Collectors and the list goes on..



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$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds
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