$50-$100 STONES


We are one of the top authorities in East African rough with decades of on ground experience.

We finely, professionally, hand select top grade gemstones direct from miner lots in East Africa and offer them out here. We only buy ethically sourced, traceable gemstones and pay fair prices to miners to create a ‘win win’ relationship. We are known for buying the top-grade material only and combined with decades of experience as well as having our own cutting house, we, on this site present the highest quality possible from East Africa.

USE OF PICTURES: Although owned and copyrighted buy us www.gemsofeastafrica.com, feel free to use our pictures! You may use our pictures for non commercial use only ie. for teaching/educational purposes, blog, article or publication, but be sure to mention the source as www.gemsofeastafrica.com and link back to us.

$50-$100 STONES

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